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Peace In Our Time

How Did YOU End Up HERE?

December 5th, 2010

Olivia's at 53 Arts and Crafts Show @ 11:10 pm

Olivia's at 53 Holiday Art & Craft Event for Eva's Initiatives

The Holiday Art & Craft show will be held in a beautiful historic Victorian home with a boutique-feel. Showcasing local artisans with a knack for creating diverse beautiful crafts.

Don't give another gift certificate this holiday season. Give Creatively, Give Love, Give Hope. Get creative with your gifts this season at Olivia's at 53 Holiday Art & Craft Event as well as supporting homeless youth.

We regret that this event is not wheelchair accessible.

LOCATION: Olivia's at 53, 53 Clinton St, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

TIME: Thursday December 9th, 6:30pm until late

Suggested donation $5 (donate $5 or more and get a chance to win a $40 dinner in our raffle) or canned goods.


Donations go to Eva's Initiatives: http://www.evasinitiatives.com/

Eva's Initiatives provides safe shelter, training and a wide range of proactive, progressive programs and services to help homeless and at-risk youth reach their potential to lead productive, self-sufficient and healthy lives. With cutting-edge services and distinctive programming, Eva's offers a continuum of service not available anywhere else in Canada. Locally, Eva's operates three unique shelters which house and feed 114 youth aged 16-24 each night. Nationally, Eva's works to build innovative long-term solutions to youth homelessness.

AMBER CHURCHILL - Hand-made Accessories

KIRA SHAIMANOVA - Sculpture Jewelery

CHELSEA CANLAS - Art Prints and Holiday Cards

KAREN DARRICADES - Soft-sculptures & Mixed-media crafted from Gourds

INGRID YUEN - Jewelery & Photography

Know someone who may be interested in this? Please forward a link to this post to them!

August 2nd, 2010

Death of the PC @ 02:57 pm

I'm not one to make prognostications in writing, but I have to wonder how off base I am to be opposed to the idea of the death of the PC. Symbian (among others) forecasts the end of the PC.

Now, reading between the lines, it sounds like what they're talking about is the end of the PC as a high growth de-commoditized market, which I am more inclined to accept, but the sound bites sure sound like nobody is going to be using a desktop in the next five years, and that lap tops will be few an far between.

While I predict that PC sales will continue to be relatively flat, I figure what will happen will be closer to a merger between the television and the PC. Why? Can you imagine writing a document or doing your taxes on a smartphone? I did that back in the day on the series of Palm devices that I owned (one of which I still use as a PDA, and another of which I still use--as a paper weight on my desk).

Writing with a stylus or micro keyboard is a pain in the arse. Developing software, working on a spreadsheet (useful for all sorts of common analysis), or video or image editing in that kind of environment is even worse. It's really just not practical.

For the PC to die off completely, some other device will have to have the following:
1) Easy connection of a full keyboard. Easy with blue tooth. It's currently possible, but apparently not on an iPhone unless you're willing to JailBreak it. Androids are not quite as far off, but you have to do some moderately arcane work to do it on some models. It's certainly not part of the default Android stack.

2) Large displays. I'm willing to concede that phones will eventually merge with PCs, but that won't happen until phones are capable of displaying in reasonable to high definition on a television. Obviously, this doesn't have to be full time, but without that or a similar capability (roll-out oLED screens), I don't think it's going to happen.

I think the closest thing to that today is Google TV. Right now, that still looks like a PC to me, albeit a shiny hydrodynamically curvaceous one with a sweet interface. I figure Apple will be there in the next two years.

March 9th, 2010

(no subject) @ 10:47 pm

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With MTV disassociating itself from the word "music", one would suppose that the age of the music video is dead.

Or is it?Collapse )

October 8th, 2008

May 21st, 2008

Fireworks! @ 12:02 am

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Ashbridges Bay, Victoria Day Evening.


May 12th, 2008

Restaurant Review: Rice Bar @ 07:37 pm

319 Augusta Ave.
416-922-RICE (7423)
Price Range: $10-15 for a complete meal, alcohol free.
Vegetarian | Antibiotic-free | Free Range

Where: Kensington, north end of Augusta

Basic Theme: Choose your own combo rice dishes + organic.

Ambience: Laid back, somewhere between hippy and hipster. I found the 3-D cardboard puzzles of animal heads mounted on the south wall particularly amusing. Rice bar might pass for a Spring Rolls on a $500 interior design budget. The seating&mdash composed of wooden benches and stackable chairs—could leave tender butts uncomfortable, so wear an extra sweater if in need of padding.

Patrons: I certainly brought the average age of the patrons up, at least until eight, when people with more grey hair than I started strolling in. Most of the people there before 8 belonged to the artsie/hippy/hipster segment of the population, singly and in various gender pairings. After 8 a family came in, which widened the age spread to the 3-60+ range.

Food: I had a tasty medium vegetarian stew on wild rice for $9; I could've done fine with the small, as it turns out! Tasty!

I had a mud slide smoothie before my meal, concocted with strawberry, orange, banana and cocoa in yogurt--soy milk & cow milk were also available.

In general, you choose a protein--chicken, beef, shrimp, or tofu; choose a carbohydrate--jasmine rice, wild rice, infused rice, or rice noodles; choose a sauce from about twenty; then pick vegies and garnishes. They also have a lovely selection of rice puddings.

Service: The service was reasonably good, but on a Monday night, the place is only half full. On the plus side, they also didn't make a big deal of me staying here for a long time on my laptop while I was there.

Overall: I dig the place. I picked it because they have free wireless and I was in the neighbourhood anyways, but it's certainly better than my alternative venue (The Fox & Fiddle) would've been.

March 19th, 2008

I Really Shouldn't Laugh.... @ 08:25 pm

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But I can't help myself:


March 7th, 2008

February 13th, 2008

OK Go! Talent Show Remake @ 11:16 am

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This video is a remake of this video. If those kids in the first video didn't win that contest, I'd pay to see who did.

February 1st, 2008

Snow! @ 08:44 am

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<irony>It actually looks like it's January now.</irony>

Peace In Our Time

How Did YOU End Up HERE?